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At Fit St., our goal is to help create the best version of yourself. With a blend of expert guidance, high-intensity interval training and a one-of-a-kind community — self-care and fitness is just down the street.

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The Workout

  • The Warm-Up

    Vital to every class is a five minute warm-up. A focused 5-minutes enhances circulation, increases blood flow to the muscles, prepares the joints for the upcoming workout, reduces muscle soreness and lessens your risk of injury.

  • HIRT Meets HIIT

    A challenging combination of high intensity interval and resistance training maximize caloric burn and heighten resting metabolic rate post-workout. This involves both weight and circuit training, as well as speed, agility and short intense bursts of anaerobic cardio.

  • The Cool Down

    A post-workout stretch or roll-out is always encouraged. Head upstairs and visit our friends at ReCharge for high-tech fitness recovery and grab a coffee or smoothie for some anti-inflammatory fuel that aids in recovery, muscle performance and growth.

Contract-Free Pricing

  • Monthly Unlimited

    $179 per one month

  • 12 Visits Monthly

    $155 per one month

  • 8 Visits Monthly

    $119 per one month

  • Personal Training

    45 minutes contact us for more info

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  • Drive Bar

    Nutrient-dense smoothies and premium coffee available at an arm’s reach to energize your rise and keep you on your grind.

  • Myzone

    Accurately monitor your workout in real-time with MyZone. Heart rate, calories burned and time spent exercising are converted to MyZone Effort Points (MEPs), which motivate and reward effort rather than fitness.

  • Inbody

    The best way to measure results is to focus on body composition — not the number on the scale. That’s why we’re proud to offer the InBody 570 analyzer which measures fat, muscle and total body water with 98% accuracy.

  • Recharge

    Kansas City’s top-of-the-line recovery studio. Implementing the best recovery technology and making it all available here.

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Our Mission

“I want to provide the guidance, knowledge and expertise that inspires the drive that already exists in you.”

Mark Loewen Owner
VP of Fitness

Courage • Community • Creativity

Mark Loewen

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